Building good foundations to construct successful lives!

Supporting those who need our support!

Equip us to make a difference!


Persons in Northern Ireland & UK who are over the age of 25 years old are generally under funded and expected to move forward without sufficient resources

Without a Vision the People Perish!

The vision of our organisation is to 

"Reduce Poverty, Self Development & Setting down Good Foundations in Peoples lives.

It is not a hidden secret that your upbringing, social class you were born into, home and school environment and your community circle will have an effect on your life chances, view of reality, self esteem, confidence and the level of encouragement and self determination to achieve and make good long lasting choices for the best in life.

Sociologists and Social Psychologists have proved time and time again that there is a strong correlation / relationship between all of the above mentioned factors and a persons view on themselves and their ability to achieves their unique potential in life.

Our Founders Background:

Our founder was brought up in Northern Ireland through 30 years of the troubles.  

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See below photos of our founders past schools attended.

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Old Picture Jordanstown School for Blind & Deaf NewtownabbeyRoyal National College for the Blind Hereford EnglandNew Modern Building Jordanstown Schools for the Blind and Deaf

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International Day of People with Disability is 3rd December.R.N.I.B. Supporting Blind and Partially Sighted People.

Disabled People in Society have a Contribution to make!

Being a visually impaired person our founder attended Jordanstown Schools for the Blind & Deaf and for two years he attended the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford England.  These institutions are special schools that provided assisted education for people with visual disability and deafness.  

Looking back at his life at that time he is thankful that the schools he attended educated persons from all religious backgrounds putting an emphasis on what unites us as people rather than what divides us.  

This demonstrated to him at an early age that a person, should not be labelled on the basis of their religious background or culture but rather we should look at a person on the basis of their humanity.  

Our founder developed many good positive friendships with people of other faiths and religions. 

The importance of Freedom of Choice to help reduce poverty!

Our charity founder received faith in Christ on 9th October 1994 and later started to feel a love for those who are persecuted or who are in poverty especially in Pakistan and other nations.  

After finishing his education our founder having the responsibility of a family started a career in the telecommunications industry working in sales and with multi-linguistic call centres and other business activities.  

In October 2009 he found himself in Lahore Pakistan on business. He noticed many similarities in Pakistan that he had experienced in Northern Ireland growing up as a boy in a divided society.  

He also observed that poverty, sickness and lack of opportunity where key ingredients that fuelled injustice, hatred, inequality, persecution, hopelessness and multiple social issues especially for minority groups.

Our founder believes that dialogue, understanding and a willingness to change are the building blocks for a lasting peace in every nation.  

His view is that if peace can come to Northern Ireland it can happen in any nation on earth as long as people are willing to facilitate each others needs on the basis for the good of common humanity.