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Trustees, Management Team & Strategic Appointees:

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Kenneth Wright (Voluntary) 

Charity Founder & Public Relations Ambassador

Ken spent his childhood in Northern Ireland brought up in 30 years of the notorious troubles and understands what it is like to be socialised in an environment of sectarian hatred.  

Ken was first educated at Jordanstown schools for the blind and deaf & later went on to do further study at Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford England. 

Ken married his wife Christine on the 15th December 1993 and soon found himself a proud Father of four children.  

Ken is registered partially sighted and is 70% blind & his wife Christine is registered blind.    However Ken's disability has not stopped him from succeeding in life.  

Ken comes from a 18 year background in telecommunications in sales, accounts management and team development and later went out independently to start his own business 'K. Wright Communications Limited' trading as the 'Appointments Bureau' that was later sold to Stentor Connect a Belfast subsidiary owned company of Stentor PLC  

At that time with the growing investment in the telecoms industry Stentor Plc was later bought over by Energis who later teamed up with Atlantic Telecoms a recognised global telecoms operator especially in Germany and the Netherlands  

Ken continued in the telecommunications industry when he came across an opportunity in the consumer electronics market with the Zvue MP4 Media Player through its manufacturer Handheld Entertainment  

Riding on the crest of the Apple Ipod commercial wave Ken was mentored by leading business entrepreneur Garrett Cecchini top lawyer in San-Francisco who in his career has made three companies a public offering from basic foundation.  This vital connection give Ken connections to other well known board members.

After a number of years successfully establishing himself with Handheld Entertainment (Zvue) a listed Nasdaq company Ken was appointed their 'Assistant Director of European Operations'.  

On behalf of the persecuted, poor and the broken of Pakistan Ken has spoken at the United Nations in Geneva, met with the European Commission in Brusells as well as members of the European Parliament and along with prominent political figures attended the South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF).  

To assist Pakistan asylum seekers he met with the European Delegation in Malaysia and has both written and met face to face with many government figures regarding ending persecution of all types, reducing poverty and promoting peace in Pakistan as a nation that is presently now evident in Northern Ireland as a leading example.  

Ken has appeared on a number of Christian & Muslim European satellite channels, On-line Radio and a speaker at public meetings. 

Ken desires to move forward with his vision for 'Compassion for Pakistan' desiring to be a team based peace broker, eliminating poverty and helping all Pakistan people to achieve their maximum potential in life due to his love for the Pakistan people and through the charity he has founded. 

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Javed Yousaf 

Voluntary Charitable Trustee

Javed Yousf was born in Bahawalpur in Pakistan and understands the day to day needs and challenges that people from the Christian and generally the minority community's face on a daily basis. 

Javed did well at school and studied community development at Punjab University Pakistan which left him in good standing to later seek employment overseas.  

Javed is happily married with grown up children and has a burning desire to help the Pakistan community rise out of poverty. 

Javed started his career working in the energy sector working for the Power and Water Authority as associate design engineer for distribution lines.    

Later Javed worked for a United Nations funded project as Director of Community Development in Bahawalpur and in Pakistan was on the membership of the board of his local church responsible in assisting with the decision making process. 

Javed comes to 'Compassion for Pakistan' with critical on the ground practical  project experience.  

Presently he is living and working in London and is a Director of DASS Limited and works at one of London's leading NHS trusts with a leading role in the area of engineering.

Presently Javed is helping the team of 'Compassion for Pakistan' implement projects in the areas of rural medical camp treatments and facilitating the provision of basic level education for adults and children from dis-advantaged backgrounds.

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Mrs. Amrina Firdous 

Voluntary Charitable Trustee

Mrs Amrina Firdous was born and lived in Stonesabad district Multan in the province of the Punjab in Pakistan.  

She was brought up in a Christian family and from an early age understood the importance of studying hard at school and finding a profession and working up to a position of authority. 

Amrina got married in 1984 and has a grown up family who all are doing well and have achieved in life.  

Amrina decided that she wanted to focus on a career in nursing and trained in nursing at Christian Missions Hospital Sahiwal Pakistan.

Then as a married woman she moved to Bahawalpur and finished her post to graduate as a qualified nurse from JPMC Karachi and also was a Director for the Bahawalpur Christian Nurses Fellowship. 

Presently Amrina is living with her husband and family in the U.K. and is working as a qualified nurse in one of London's leading NHS Hospital Trusts.  

Amrina understands the needs of the poor in Pakistan and wants to help give her people hope and see her home nation prosper. 

Amrina is a dedicated Christian and has a strong prayer life with the Lord and is looking forward to working with 'Compassion for Pakistan' both in the U.K. and in her home nation.

Christine Wright

Voluntary Charitable Trustee for Human Rights

Christine was brought up in England and met her husband 'Ken' at the Royal National College in Hereford.  Although Christine is registered blind she has not let her visual disability stop her in life.

Christine is a successful Mother of 4 children who are now fully functional adults and progressing well in life.  She is also a Born Again Christian and found faith in the Lord Jesus Christ on 23rd October 1994.

When Christine's children come into their teenage years she come along side her husband's business and helped him with administration and functioned as a Telephone based Accounts Manager looking after C.P.E. based issues for telecoms hardware.  She also did time in another two industries including the Food Processing industry and in the Business Cleaning industry.

Growing up and struggling as a disabled woman and Mother Christine understands the issues that disabled people face in their daily lives and loves to see people with disability move forward in life and progress.

Christine has a heart for those in life who are persecuted and hurting and especially for women.  

Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder 

Director & Trustee on the board of Compassion for Pakistan Limited.

Bishop Yousaf Nadeem brings a vast wealth of experience to the charity and NGO as well as a strong pedigree of academic achievements and successful developed leadership and as a persecuted person himself he understands and has empathy with people who have been persecuted. 

Originally from Pakistan Bishop Yousaf Nadeem comes with a proven, 27 year track record working in church management and senior leadership and on the ground community development experience in many different nations.  Bishop Yousaf Nadeem is the Bishop, Founder and General Overseer of His Grace Churches International in Pakistan with responsibility for over 60 church workers across the country and is reported to be one of the fastest if not the fastest growing churches in the nation. 

On an academic level Bishop Yousaf Nadeem has an array of academic achievements including a Bachelors in Theology (B.Th), a Masters of Divinity (M.Div), a Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min) and is a consecrated Bishop with His Grace Churches in Pakistan.  

He also has completed a course in Advanced Leadership Training in Singapore (ALT) and has traveled extensively throughout many nations such as Thailand, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and a number of European nations and he has been acquainted with many persons of high social status.

For some pictures of Rt. Rev. Dr. Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder with public figures in Pakistan please click on the following link(See Slide Show).

Also with overseeing the running of 25 churches throughout Pakistan, providing support, guidance and management to over 60 church workers the Bishop also helped much in generating financial donations for the growth and development of His Grace Church International. 

The Opening of a Bible College in Francisabad, teaching that included the foundation of Faith, Women in Ministry, Old and New Testament survey. The Bishop and his team also developed a  Church Growth project of a Mobile Bible School to reach un-reached people in Pakistan with love and support.  

His Outreach work was to develop the knowledge of Christianity among harder-to-reach, predominantly Muslim communities in a loving and respectful manner. by facilitating the teaching, development and graduation of Pastors Development of women’s ministries, youth seminars and Sunday school.

The Bishops additional Experience Includes:

1. Persecution & Human Rights Commission International Member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (recognised by UN) for 10 years  

2.  Supporting Christians NGO named CLAAS based in Pakistan – working on protecting Christians from persecution.  

3.  Working alongside the government to bring peace to Muslim, Hindu and Christian communities as a member of the District Peace Committee Government of Pakistan. 

4.  Former Central Executive Member of National Council for Interfaith Harmony of Pakistan (working alongside with the Federal Government of Pakistan).    

The Bishop is also a member of the following professional bodies:  

Alummi Haggai Institute (USA) 

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan 

Former-Secretary General of the  National Supreme Council of Bishops & Heads of Churches (Pakistan)  Interfaith Harmony of Pakistan.  

Former-Member of District Peace Committee Gujranwala Govt. of Punjab Pakistan. 

International Partnership with Good News Ministry Inc. (Papua New Guinea)  

Director for Pakistan: The International Charismatic Church Network 

The Role and function of Rt Rev. Dr Bishop Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder with 'Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Networks:  Bishop Yousaf Nadeem is firmly committed and believes in the vision of Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network.  In particular he likes the idea that the vision is a solutions based vision, rather than other NGO's that are 90% focused on creating awareness where many times the problem is not resolved at a local grass roots level.   

Along with other Directors and Trustees 'Bishop Yousaf Nadeem' will be working with the organisations founder & Public Relations Ambassador 'Ken Wright' on the promotion of peace in Pakistan and the region and the long term objective of implementing the principals of the Northern Ireland Peace Process in Pakistan in hoping, to resolve issues of contention not just between faiths but also on the long finger regarding territorial issues such as the Kashmir problem. 

As a former member of the Pakistan Government Peace Committee Bishop Yousaf Nadeem will also be helping at a local level in the UK and Europe encouraging people of all faiths to work together and especially those citizens from his own nation of Pakistan.  

Mark Edward McClements

(Charity Trustee)

Mark is 44 years old and was brought up in a working class background during the troubles of Northern Ireland.  

He comes from a Christian home and came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age.  As part of his Christian up-bringing Mark always had a desire to help those less fortunate and took opportunities to do so in later life.    

Mark left school with a secondary education and applied himself in various employment roles before being promoted as an accounts manager looking after numerous contracts providing business solutions to corporate and government sectors in northern Ireland. 

In Church life Mark applied himself to studying the Bible and obtaining a diploma in Biblical Studies through ICS (International Correspondence Schools) and the partial completion of a BA in Biblical Studies through Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary USA). 

Mark has planted a number of churches not just in N. Ireland but also in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, India and now is looking forward to working with Pakistan as a nation.

Mark has been an itinerant missionary bringing the gospel of peace to many countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and India whilst also conducting humanitarian work in these nations meeting the practical needs of people through food and medical camps. 

Mark is very happily married to Lisa and is a dedicated Father of three girls and one boy.  All of Mark's children have done well in education and are focused on a positive direction for life. 

At the present time Mark is the owner of a successful gym business providing personal training and self defence classes as well as nutritional advice.  

Mark also holds a level 3 in Close protection from City & Guilds and free lances as a close protection operative to the media (journalists and camera crews) working on the ground in controversial and contentious flash points between nationalists and loyalists protesters in Northern Ireland. 

Mark also provides one to one covert and overt personal protection to private clients as and when required and can on request provide investigative insurance or matrimonial work carried out via discreet surveillance.  Mark has a long background in martial arts specialising in Traditional Karate.  

He also enjoys Target Shooting in his spare time and is doing further training to specialise in Close Protection.  He actively trains with weights to keep fit despite having a congenital heart condition which has not hindered his determination to be the best he can be in whatever he applies himself to. 

Mark holds true to the following statement."You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!"

Other key staff members:

Rohail Yousaf

Multan Educational Co-Ordinator 

Rohail Yousaf is a well known public figure in Multan and is the founder of 'Concept Community Development Organisation in Multan Pakistan.

Rohail was born in Bahawalpur and brought up in a respectable Christian family.  By occupation and profession Rohail is a school teacher and at present he s the leading member of staff at Cathedral School in Multan.  

His community organisation is actively involved in helping and serving the local community out of poverty and is focused to create a more benefiting social environment for all the community.

In the past he was involved in arranging medical camps in rural and slum areas helping people recover from disease and medical conditions.

On a yearly basis he is involved helping flood victims with humanitarian aid.

Compassion for Pakistan is very pleased that this individual is now working on our team.

Shahbaz Gulzar Secretariat for Malaysia

Shahbaz Gulzar was brought up in Lahore Pakistan and was born in 1971 and is happily married with three children. 

Shahbaz had achieved well in education having a M.BA degree in business from university in Pakistan and a British post graduate qualification in business management.  

Shahbaz comes originally from the banking industry and later decided to start his own entrepreneur business in the recruitment sector and high profile business management related business placements.  Shahbaz has also lectured at university in Lahore Pakistan briefing students of business principals and ethics.

Shahbaz and his family had done well living in an up market area in Gulberg in Lahore Pakistan. Then suddenly due to religious persecution Shahbaz and his family fearing for their lives had to leave Pakistan and take asylum in Malaysia under the U.N.H.C.R.  

Shahbaz is a born again Christian and is presently now running a discipleship training programme in Malaysia and is the Secretariat in Malaysia for 'Compassion for Pakistan' acting as a mediator between Pakistan asylum seekers, UNHCR, European Delegation and other statutory bodies and institutions/governments.

Additionally Shahbaz and his small qualified team are offering educational schooling to needy and poor Christian children especially those who's families are in asylum registered under the UN Refugee agency and due to his strong educational background he has on numerous occasions has provided English translation services for poor uneducated Pakistan asylum seekers to the UNHCR and other agencies to help the poor and dis-advantaged. 

Shahbaz is excited to work with 'Compassion for Pakistan' to establish a strong presence in Malaysia and creating a better environment especially for those in asylum and the poor.

Pastor David Brainard  M.Sc, M. Ed & M.A

(Director for Sri-Lanka & India Operations).

Pastor David Brainard was born into a Christian family and from an early age was taught to respect his elders and to be prepared to service the Lord in any simple way.  For years he swept the church building, emptied bins and did basically anything that needed to be done to be useful to Gods work.  David found his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour at the young age of 15 years old.

From an early age David was taught that education was a privilege and should be grasped with both hands.  He gladly took his parents advice and was very successful in the world of academia and the intelligencia obtaining three masters degrees and one diploma.

David achieved a M.Sc in (Mathematics) from Periar University, a M.Ed in (Education) from Nagarjua University, and an M.A in (English) from Nagarjuna University also.  Later after David felt God calling him into the ministry as a pastor he graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Theology from Cheris Bible School an internationally recognised bible institution through Andrew Wommack Ministries with its head office based in the United States of America.  David is also bi-lingual speaking his own native tongue which is Telugu and is fluent in the English language.  He is also looking forward to learning Hindi, Urdu, Sinhala and Tamil.

After his schooling David got married in 2008 to his wife and after spending a number of years, lecturing at Colleges and working as a teacher at a school he felt that God had a higher purpose for him to serve the poor and needy in society.

With a small team he started Gods work with no income depending on the Lord God to be his source and in 2015, he legally registered 'Hands of Jesus Ministries' in South India.  At the present time he is a moderator over a group of 16 churches, but is financially committed to securing the salaries of 7 pastors in the region and is personally caring for 21 dis-advantaged children.

Pastor David is looking forward to working with 'Compassion for Pakistan' to help Pakistan asylum seekers in Sri-Lanka and others if possible, to promote peace between Pakistan & India church leaders, to promote peace in his nation on the basis of humanity and to help 'Compassion for Pakistan' to bring peace between Pakistan and India especially regarding Kashmir and anything else God equips him to do.

Bryan Green Team Leader

Bryan Green 
Volunteer Team Leader

Bryan comes originally from Scotland and was successful in completing an elementary education.  Bryan comes from a strong working class background and understands, the environment that many of our charity's clients come from and its limitations.

Bryan having naturally a compassionate nature started off his career in the caring profession and has knowledge of a number of industry sectors and has successfully undertaken a number of key roles.

Bryan has worked also in the Construction sector, the Tourist industry, Sports and Leisure and in the past has owned his own Cycle Repair business.  

Bryan started off with 'Compassion Group Network' as a full time volunteer and with much hard and committed determination has been promoted to 'Team Leader' were he is managing a growing team of volunteers.