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  • Homeless in Pakistan
    Homeless in Pakistan Pakistan has no Social Security so if you are poor with no job you dont eat or have a home.
  • Compassion for Pakistan at United Nations.
    Compassion for Pakistan at United Nations. Speaking U.N.
  • Disabled Asylum Seekers in Malaysia.
    Disabled Asylum Seekers in Malaysia. Compassion for Pakistan help Malaysia Asylum seekers.
  • Malaysia Asylum seekers.
    Malaysia Asylum seekers. Compassion for Pakistan feeding Malaysia asylum seekers.

About Us:

Our core beliefs and Structure:

We are a Christian based Great Britain and Northern Ireland registered voluntary organisation and charity, with a growing board of trustee's, global management team, staff and volunteers.

Our team consists of legal professionals, clergy, university graduates, experienced inter-faith negotiators and business professionals.   

This team covers a network of countries including obviously Pakistan but also, Malaysia, Thailand, U.K., N. Ireland, Republic of Ireland, USA and Canada.

We also have connections through our network in Europe, Africa and other parts of Asia and Middle East.   

Unfortunately at the present time due to our board and Ngo not been long established our staff are not paid, but we believe that with our vision and financially secure and supported projects that the profits will help pay for new and vital community based services and businesses.

In Brief What do we do?

Our Core principals:

1.    Promoting Human Rights for all and ending the persecution and poverty complex.
2 .   Education. 
3.    Business Schooling 
4.    Micro-Financing or (Grants & Loans to start a business). 
5.    Vocational Training or (On the job training). 
6.    Medical Clinics to remote areas. 
7.    Peace Building (Global Peace Building & Humanity). 
8.    Promoting Religious Freedoms. 
9.    Feeding the Poor and Community services.
10.  Helping especially Pakistan Asylum seekers in nations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Hong Kong with their practical every day needs.  

Click on the blue square, choose your country on world map and see the time. Compassion for Pakistan a company limited by guarantee.