Getting our message out to the world!

Additionally to the Media Centre we have a YouTube and Vimeo Channel that plays appropriate content helping us to get the right message out to the nations. Getting

On this channel we will have everything from documentaries and news reports to edited and unedited footage keeping you up to date about our activities as a charity.  

Pod Casts, Online Radio & Online TV:

How to play your part?

We are needing the support of the public to help eliminate poverty, reduce persecution, lobby governments and bring practical funded solutions to the problems especially in Pakistan and for asylum seekers in Malaysia, Thailand and Sri-Lanka and other nations. 

We believe that the media is the best way to deliver well informed messages of truth and to bring hope with solutions.  

However it all takes money and we need your help to make it happen.

Ken Wright founder of 'Compassion for Pakistan' speaks on the Muslim Channel TV99 about a number of issues such as Human Trafficking and criminality and the need for a community based response as well as a governmental global response.

Compassion for Pakistan is a Northern Ireland and U.K. Registered Charity number NIC105168. The organisation is also a company limited by guarantee number NI630257.