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Working in India.

Up until 1947 the nations of India and Pakistan where one nation with the majority Muslim population living in the north of the country and then the rest of the population mainly Hndu's living in the remainder of the territory.

When the nations of Pakistan and India split in 1947, as stated it caused a division and conflict over the territory of Kashmir, (see information).  To cut a long story short from the partition of both nations slowly but surely poverty increased, minority groups in both nations started to feel the effects of persecution and the relationship between Pakistan and India become worse and worse with four wars being fought against each other with Kashmir being the main cause (see information).  

At the present time in both India and Pakistan minority groups such as Christians for example would state that they are daily subjected to endemic persecution of all types including economic, social and cultural alienation.

In India many Christian groups would state that the present nationalist Hindu government is making life extremely difficult for those of other faiths and infct recently Hindu nationalist groups it is reported are wanting to call the land of India Bharat/ Hindustan (see information).

The conversion laws to change a persons religion in India have tightened and it could be argued that Hindu extremism has increased.

Compassion Group Network feels that peace cannot take place in Pakistan without peace taking place in India and the same in reverse.  Therefore our charity and international NGO wishes to spread the same vision of employment generation, persecution reduction and peace building into India through our partners and in our own right and to implement the principals of the Northern Ireland Peace process, to resolve contentious issues such as the Kashmir and other problems as tailored to the nations cultural and social context.

Unity Between Christian Leaders in Pakistan & India:

Unfortunately due to partition and the political conditions that exist between Pakistan and India the church leaders, clergy and pastors from both nations have not been able to have exposure to each other as they may if in the same country or a nation where access is easy.

We believe that unity, peace and joint prayer between Christian leaders in Pakistan and India is very important so that friendships can be established, ideas can be shared and that partition and isolation can be broken.

It is our hope to encourage Christians from both nations to do business together, pray together and to unite and share their common ground of faith.  We believe that prayer can move mountains and change situations for the better and we look forward to the future.

Common Humanity as Opposed to Division:

We believe that the key to peace is finding a common identity and agenda that all groups in society can focus towards, rather than gazing at what divides us. 

The common ground we believe in India the same as in Pakistan is to first focus on reducing poverty by attracting investment into the community.  This cannot happen unless all groups in society are adequately represented and that community leaders are taking on their responsibility to lead.  

This is why persecution needs to be tackled and the community needs to be educated and that leaders show a good example of directing their community to base their ideology on common humanity that all society celebrate diversity as a positive attribute rather then something negative.  

We believe that history proves that peace encourages business investment, friendship, cross cultural relationships and changes the attitude and social identity of participants to focus on inclusion rather than exclusion.

Investment as a Partner for Lasting Peace:

We believe that it is the responsibility of local and national leaders, local business, donors, international UNDP partners and others to continue breaking the back of generational poverty through the provision of academic education, vocational on the job training, business schooling and linking government and independent participants with the continued responsibility of breaking poverty and promoting inclusiveness especially for minority groups who are generally among the poorest in society from an economic standpoint.

Promotion of Human , Civil and Religious Rights:

In order for the UN declaration of human rights to be respected and our right to choice to be seen as a positive provision, we must realize that a persons right is a sign of maturity of a society and community and an expression of choice rather than an insult to a particular faith.

It takes many ingredients to make and bake a cake so it is important to respect each other and view commonality as a key on the basis of our shared humanity.  

So for example we all want a good standard of living, to support our families, to eat well and to encourage opportunity and peace for generations to come.  

Compassion Group Network looks forward to in India on a community level and requests the funds to start this process.