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Compassion for Pakistan

& Compassion Group Network

Press Release

With Immediate Effect.

Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network is happy to Publicly Announce the Appointment of the


Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder 

as a Director & Trustee on the board of Compassion for Pakistan Limited.


Date:   15th February 2017

Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network is pleased to publicly announce a most valued addition to its board of Directors and Trustee's.    

On Monday 23rd January 2017, at the charity's board meeting of Directors and Trustees held at its new International head office in the U.K. Belfast, that the Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder was proposed and duly accepted by the Directors and Trustees present as a new addition to the board and team. Bishop Yousaf Nadeem brings a vast wealth of experience to the charity and NGO as well as a strong pedigree of academic achievements and successful developed leadership and as a persecuted person himself he understands and has empathy with people who have been persecuted. 

Originally from Pakistan Bishop Yousaf Nadeem comes with a proven, 27 year track record working in church management and senior leadership and on the ground community development experience in many different nations.  Bishop Yousaf Nadeem is the Bishop, Founder and General Overseer of His Grace Churches International in Pakistan with responsibility for over 60 church workers across the country and is reported to be one of the fastest if not the fastest growing churches in the nation. 
On an academic level Bishop Yousaf Nadeem has an array of academic achievements including a Bachelors in Theology (B.Th), a Masters of Divinity (M.Div), a Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min) and is a consecrated Bishop with His Grace Churches in Pakistan.  

He also has completed a course in Advanced Leadership Training in Singapore (ALT) and has traveled extensively throughout many nations such as Thailand, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and a number of European nations and he has been acquainted with many persons of high social status.
For some pictures of Rt. Rev. Dr. Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder with public figures in Pakistan please click on the following link(See Slide Show).
Bishop Yousaf Nadeem also has written and translated 20 religious books including 5 original publications and is presently working on a new book and theme, that he hopes to get published soon that he believes will be a popular buy especially with people coming from Pakistan.

From a bi-lingual perspective Bishop Yousaf Nadeem is fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi and can have sufficient dialogue in both German and Korean. 

The Bishop has also been active both in Pakistan and globally with church based activities and promoting peace between religious faiths which included, preaching and educating on the word of God in un-reached areas of Pakistan, looking to increase the number of followers and support for the local church. 

Also with overseeing the running of 25 churches throughout Pakistan, providing support, guidance and management to over 60 church workers the Bishop also helped much in generating financial donations for the growth and development of His Grace Church International. 

The Opening of a Bible College in Francisabad, teaching that included the foundation of Faith, Women in Ministry, Old and New Testament survey. 

The Bishop and his team also developed a  Church Growth project of a Mobile Bible School to reach un-reached people in Pakistan with love and support.  

His Outreach work was to develop the knowledge of Christianity among harder-to-reach, predominantly Muslim communities in a loving and respectful manner. by facilitating the teaching, development and graduation of Pastors Development of women’s ministries, youth seminars and Sunday school.

The Bishops additional Experience Includes:

1. Persecution & Human Rights Commission International Member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (recognised by UN) for 10 years  

2.  Supporting Christians NGO named CLAAS based in Pakistan – working on protecting Christians from persecution.  

3.  Working alongside the government to bring peace to Muslim, Hindu and Christian communities as a member of the District Peace Committee Government of Pakistan. 

4.  Former Central Executive Member of National Council for Interfaith Harmony of Pakistan (working alongside with the Federal Government of Pakistan).    

The Bishop is also a member of the following professional bodies:  

Alummi Haggai Institute (USA) 

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan 

Former-Secretary General of the  National Supreme Council of Bishops & Heads of Churches (Pakistan)  Interfaith Harmony of Pakistan.  

Former-Member of District Peace Committee Gujranwala Govt. of Punjab Pakistan. 

International Partnership with Good News Ministry Inc. (Papua New Guinea)  

Director for Pakistan: The International Charismatic Church Network 

The Role and function of Rt Rev. Dr Bishop Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder with 'Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Networks:

Bishop Yousaf Nadeem is firmly committed and believes in the vision of Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network.  

In particular he likes the idea that the vision is a solutions based vision, rather than other NGO's that are 90% focused on creating awareness where many times the problem is not resolved at a local grass roots level. 

Along with other Directors and Trustees 'Bishop Yousaf Nadeem' will be working with the organisations founder & Public Relations Ambassador 'Ken Wright' on the promotion of peace in Pakistan and the region and the long term objective of implementing the principals of the Northern Ireland Peace Process in Pakistan in hoping, to resolve issues of contention not just between faiths but also on the long finger regarding territorial issues such as the Kashmir problem. 

As a former member of the Pakistan Government Peace Committee Bishop Yousaf Nadeem will also be helping at a local level in the UK and Europe encouraging people of all faiths to work together and especially those citizens from his own nation of Pakistan.  

As an organisation we welcome the Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder and we look forward to working with him.

Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network is a local Northern Ireland and U.K. registered charity and international NGO with soon registration expected formally in Pakistan, India and Sri-Lanka.  

Later will come the registration of the organisation helping Pakistan asylum seekers in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka and Hong Kong.

On a general level the organisation has three main areas of focus which are firstly eliminating poverty, tackling all types of persecution and promoting peace at a grass roots level. 

On a local level the charity & NGO is focusing on raising funds and opening a window to pilot its 'Skills for Change' program designed to prepare mainly former offenders with skills for general life and helping them to acquire skills for employment out in the market place as well as seeking persons who have fallen through the system from '25' years of age and upwards. 

Like its local vision through its UK arm Compassion Group Network the Pakistan arm desires to do many of the same things done locally in Northern Ireland and U.K. but also adopting local committee's with community leaders to encourage local investment, micro-financing, job creation and universal community services such as free healthcare, education and cross community capacity building.

For further information please contact:

telephone:    (0044)(0)28 9521 8884 

Fax us at:     (0044)(0)28 9521 8885  


and ask for 'Michelle Archer' Public Relations Manager. 

Compassion for Pakistan

& Compassion Group Network

Press Statement

With Immediate Effect.

Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network make Written Complaint to Pakistan Government.

Date:   13th February 2017

Please find below Video as published by our Founder and Public Relations Ambassador regarding recent crimes against minors in Pakistan and recent mob violence against minority groups in relation to land disputes in the Punjab province.

Please find Link to video this morning:

Please also find letter below sent to the Pakistan Ambassadors for Dublin, London, Brussels, the U.N. Geneva Ambassador, Pakistan PM, Minority Minister and the Human Rights Minister.

As a result of our activities and the activities of our partners the following news on one of the issues was reported in the main stream press this morning.…/

Please see our letter below:


Tel: (0044)(0)28 9521 8884
Fax: (0044)(0)28 95218885

U.K. Head Office (NIC 105168)

Compassion for Pakistan
& Compassion Group Network
level 3.
Bryson House
28 Bedford Street
Belfast City Centre
Northern Ireland

Sub Offices:

Pakistan Nationall Office.
Compassion for Pakistan 
National Operations Centre
Francis Abad
Block A, Shelkhupura Road

Tel: (0092)(0)342 287 5774

Compassion Group Network (India)
Bethel Church 
Ramireddy Nagar,
"O" Lane 
Guntur (District)
Andhrapredesh (state)

Tel: ( 0091)(0) 9700910876

Actively Changing Communities One at a Time!

8th February 2017

For the Attention of 
Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Prime Minister’s Office Islamabad
Presidents House

Re: Working with Pakistan Government & Law Enforcement.

Dear Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
(Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan).

The name of our registered charity and NGO is ‘Compassion for Pakistan’ and our primary focus covers three main areas which are the reduction of poverty, tackling persecution of all persons on a human level and the promotion of peace between cultures and faiths on the basis of common humanity.

We plan to do this through a variety of projects such as business schooling, local economy based micro-financing, on the job training, academic education, community based services and the promotion of rights regardless of a person’s faith or gender as set down in the U.N. declaration at a grass roots level.

We also desire to raise up all sections of the Pakistan community which includes all faiths to work on a common agenda to unite all Pakistan citizens through creating a Pakistan that is not just rich in culture but also rich in employment, trade both local and international and to create a united community that is working together at a local level for a common objective which is a successful Pakistan based on mutual respect between faiths, gender and common understanding.

As a U.K. based NGO our agenda is to create peace in Pakistan through uniting the people at a local level through bringing all citizens and groups in communities together through common necessity such as creating jobs and all mentioned above, but we also believe that it is critical to take advice from experienced Pakistan citizens who have achieved success in areas such as building peace.

For example one of our charity trustees and guarantee company Directors is the Rt Revd. Bishop Dr. Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder, who is an academic and former member of the Pakistan Government Peace Committee. We have also successfully developed cross community and cross cultural friendships with professional Islamic leaders and we are now linking with other community groups such as Hindu’s and others.

However as an NGO that is concerned for the love and care of common humanity regardless of faith, we are becoming increasingly concerned about a number of growing grass roots community issues that we have become aware of in certain areas of Pakistan of criminal and potential criminal activity intimidation, harassment and persecution against in this case minority groups and the abuse, rape and murder of a 12 year old child.

We would also state that we are aware that crime takes place in all societies and cultures but this does not mean that as global citizens we should ignore and hide from our collective responsibilities to create a functional global society based on mutual respect for all citizens. We would also like to congratulate the Pakistan government on its recent laws passed against rape and honor killing.

We are also excited and looking forward to the much awaited ‘Anti forced conversion bill’ that the Pakistan National Assembly is trying to get passed and we admire your governments courage, especially against radical extremism and the historic contribution that Pakistan, its citizens and the military has made fighting terrorism on its borders and within the nation which should be globally recognized and admired.

However as a responsible NGO who is ready to begin investment into Pakistan and its citizens, when we are made aware of issues it would be irresponsible and corrupt for us to turn a blind eye so that criminals can be brought to justice. 

We have had reports from the Pakistan community coming through one of our field case workers that a F.I.R. has been lodged regarding the potential kidnapping, abduction, gang rape and murder of a 12 year old Christian girl locally known as Tania Maryem, who’s body was found dumped in Sambrial canal Sialkot.

Our local field worker along with a colleague has been to visit the family and having been made aware of the circumstances and especially the implied timings of events surrounding the child’s rape and murder in our humble opinion do not make logical sense. We are concerned that the crime has been committed by extremist elements, mafia types or a family member or members of a rich land owner in the area or another variable and therefore the potential for a miscarriage of justice may be possible.

We would humbly request that the case is taken out of the hands of local investigators and the option of an independent ortopsy and investigation or an investigation at a very higher level be given as an option to the family and its legal representation. Please find attached photos from the scene and additionally find a link to the case in the local newspapers,…/12-y-o-pakistani-christian-…/.

The second issue has been ongoing and building up for many months in the area of Sankhatra in district of Narowl, Punjab, where local Christians have reported to one of our case workers that many young persons have been arrested and detained for months under anti-terrorism legislation and sometimes it is claimed without evidence.

In the immediate term it is reported that that there is a local dispute over ownership of land between Muslims and Christians. This morning on 8th Feb 2017, around 10am Pakistan local time it is reported by our staff that a mob of around it is estimated 400-500 extremists damaged property, physically assaulted residents mainly Christian in the area and one man it is reported was beaten badly and both of his legs are broken.

Obviously we are awaiting a full report of the situation and will be seeking to bring a resolution to the tensions in the area as soon as possible through local representation and with the help of local political representation on both sides at a high level.

At this point we would question the local police response to this very serious situation of social disorder and would ask a question that to the reason why it seems no one has been detained in public prison for these crimes. Our view is that the rule of law needs to be upheld, so that it acts as a deterrent against future criminal offending.

Lastly we hope that you can appreciate that our intentions are sincere and honorable and that we wish to simply bring practical resolution to ongoing issues and bring justice.

Finally we would like to thank you for corresponding to you and look forward to our response and action to be taken in the above regard.

Kindest Regards

Yours faithfully

Ken Wright
Founder & Public Relations Ambassador
Compassion for Pakistan
& Compassion Group Network

T: (0044)(0)28 9521 8884
F: (0044)(0)28 9521 8885

or telephone:   (0044)(0)28 9521 8884

or Fax us at:     (0044)(0)28 9521 8885


and ask for 'Michelle Archer' Public Relations Manager.

Compassion for Pakistan

& Compassion Group Network

Press Statement

With Immediate Effect.

Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network acquire new offices in Belfast, U.K. City Center.

Date:   8th February 2017

We are pleased to announce that Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network have taken the critical and monumental step to facilitate its head office in Belfast city center.  

On an official level operations commenced on Monday 16th January 2017 with all decisions for projects to be directed from Bryson House in Belfast, U.K.

The charity and International NGO is based in office space at 'Bryson Charitable Group' which is Northern Ireland's leading social enterprise tackling major social and economic challenges and the provision of government services across the U.K. and Ireland.  The Group has around 600 employees and 200 volunteers and has been established for over 100 years in Northern Ireland and 'Compassion for Pakistan & Compassion Group Network' would like to publicly thank the charity for making space available in its wonderful facility in Bedford Street, Belfast.

Compassion Group Network at a local level in Northern Ireland and the U.K but first focusing on putting together the development of projects to give a second chance for persons of the age of 25 and over from some of N. Ireland's and the U.K.'s most dis-advantaged groups,(click Link).

The future project will focus on those with a past criminal record or those who are out on parole or who have been officially regarded as being former drug addicts who are determined to stay clean.

On an international level 'Compassion for Pakistan' is focused at a general level on the reduction of poverty, tackling all types of persecution and the promotion of peace between faiths and cultures on the basis of common humanity.


Compassion for Pakistan is a Northern Ireland and U.K. registered charity and International NGO (NIC105168) focused on as previously stated eliminating poverty, tackling persecution at community level and promoting peace on the basis of common humanity.

The charity desires to accomplish this through the following projects and activities such as business schooling, micro-financing, on the job training, academic education, promoting religious freedom, human rights and the promotion of peace on the basis of humanity.


On a general level 'Compassion Group Network' although part of the same organisation and charitable NGO covers projects and operations outside Pakistan and the region.  

This includes local projects in N. Ireland and UK as well as International projects such as working with Pakistan and other asylum seekers in nations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Hong Kong.

Any queries regarding this emailed statement or for an Interview please write to

or telephone:   (0044)(0)28 9521 8884

or Fax us at:     (0044)(0)28 9521 8885


and ask for 'Michelle Archer' Public Relations Manager.

Compassion for Pakistan

& Compassion Group Networks.

Press Statement

For Immediate release dated 5th January 2017.

This statement has been made by 'Ken Wright' the Founder & Public Relations Ambassador of 'Compassion for Pakistan and Compassion Group Networks regarding his, most recent communication with the Government of Hungary about the plight of Pakistan Christian Asylum seekers in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Sri-Lanka.


My name is 'Ken Wright' and I would like to thank you first of all for your interest in our Charitable NGO and what we are doing.  

As you may be aware I personally was in Malaysia about a year ago on a voluntary basis representing our organisation, visiting and living with a Pakistan Christian asylum family who fled Pakistan because of radical Muslim extremists who tried to force the family to convert to Islam and this is fact and proof has been provided to the UNHCR in Malaysia for the family to be placed in another nation or state for safety.  

At this point I would like to take this opportunity to state publicly that it is not my personal opinion that the majority of Muslims are extremist or radical, but in-fact I believe that most are peace loving people who want a quiet life in an environment of peace and safety.

It is estimated that there is between 3,000 - 4, 000 Pakistan asylum seekers in Malaysia and on our past visit around 13 families received food and with the help of the E.U Delegation we believe that hundreds of Pakistan asylum seekers received their cards to remain.

However I have wanted to do more for Pakistan and other asylum seekers living in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Sri-Lanka but unfortunately financial constraints on me personally and on the charity NGO has not permitted me to do the things I have for so Long been wanting to do.  

It is clear to us from media press reports and information on the ground from our Secretariat on the ground that the Malaysia government seem to be becoming frustrated with the length of time the asylum process is taking and the increase of the number of people seeking asylum.  I am also concerned what is going to be the fate of thousands of asylum seekers in Malaysia after May 2017, because it has been reported that the Government of Malaysia is not permitting the UNHCR to grant anyone asylum in the country and wants all existing cases to be processed.  In addition still asylum seekers are not permitted to work in Malaysia, Thailand, Sri-Lanka or Hong Kong which is making life very difficult to provide very basic life essentials such as food, water, rent, lighting, heating, education and healthcare.


I also have seen reports coming in from Europe speaking of persecution of Christians by others in and outside the asylum and refugee camps and so to me it is clear that for the safety mainly of Christians one of the most persecuted groups in the world according to reports in the media, and other reports that persecution is on the increase not just in Pakistan, Iran and other states known for persecution but the persecution on Christians is rising on a global basis and even in Western nations.

I recognize that publicly the Government of Hungary has acknowledged that Christians are one of the most persecuted groups in the world and I have communicated on behalf of 'Compassion for Pakistan / Compassion Group Networks' a letter with attached UNHCR card copies requesting that the government agree a meeting with us in relation to the settlement in Hungary of these families and others along with a supported settlement program working with a registered Hungarian partner and registered charity and NGO on the ground.

We would state that this communication is very recent to both the Government of Hungary and to a selected partner in the nation and we have not yet had a formal response to our request.

We would finally ask you all to keep this in your prayers for the permanent safety of all those Christians at risk.

Any queries regarding this emailed statement or for an Interview please write to

or telephone:   (0044)(0)28 9543 5287

and ask for 'Christine Wright' or 'Michelle Archer (Press Assistant).

Compassion for Pakistan

& Compassion Group Network.

would like to invite you to

Admission is Free!

A Volunteer & Interested Persons Evening

to be held at "Jurys Inn Belfast' (beside Old Opera House).

located at, 'Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT1 6DY'

The Event will be held on Friday 2nd December 2016

Starting at 20.00PM & Ending 21.30PM.


Have you ever wanted to make a difference and change a life or even a community?

Work Locally and Internationally to Reduce Poverty, Challenge Persecution & Promote Peace.

We are a start up charity so come and be updated on our progress to date, what we are doing, what we need to do and our vision.

Hear from existing volunteers and be inspired!

You can be part of the solution!

Refreshments will be served.

For directions to Jurys Inn Belfast please click link below:


Any queries regarding this statement email:

or telephone:   (0044)(0)28 9543 5287

Compassion for Pakistan

Press Statement

Released with Immediate Effect

Date:  8th October 2016

We are pleased to publicly announce the Appointment of Pastor David Brainard as our Director for Sri-Lanka and India operations.  

In line with the charity's vision and objectives we have been seeking for a team to be developed in India and Sri-Lanka to meet the following goals.

1.  To encourage peace, dialogue and understanding between Pastors and Christian Church leaders from Sri-Lanka, India and Pakistan and to encourage church leaders to pray together, work for a common cause and to help each others organisations and religious institutions in any way possible.

2.  To encourage action and peace building between faiths not just in their own nations but others.  To encourage investment and trade between business owners to eliminate poverty, reduce extremism and to encourage a community response to crime such as drugs and human trafficking, forced abductions and to have effective communication with local law enforcement, public bodies and government.

3.  On a national level to encourage peace between Pakistan and India and to work on a community and a national basis with partner Ngo's, governments, funders and political leaders to bring peace and investment between nations.

4.  To encourage general academic education, cross cultural education, on the job training and micro-financing options to help asylum seekers in Sri-Lanka but also in the Kashmir, India and Pakistan.

5.  To encourage the gospel of humanity in a spirit of love and peace to benefit all humanity to encourage tolerance, understanding and peace between communities as an inheritance for future generations.


As a new Director Pastor David Brainard will be working on a voluntary basis with basic expenses being carried by the charity for travel, food and appropriate costs associated with the above objectives and the rolling out of the vision for 'Compassion for Pakistan' and Compassion Group Network especially in Sri-Lanka, until funds are available at a later date to pay an appropriate salary and in this regard we would like to thank publicly Mr Brainard along with our other volunteers for their assistance.

Mr Brainard is moderator over a group of 16 churches and is responsible for the salaries of 7 pastors.  He also has the care of 21 children and meets their needs physically, medically, spiritually and educationally.

Mr Brainard has three Masters Degrees and a Diploma and Bible Theology.  His Masters degrees are in English, Mathematics and Education and is a former college lecturer and full time school teacher.

For a full and comprehensive background on Pastor Brainard and our other leadership and team members please go to the link below.

Any queries regarding this statement email:

or telephone:   (0044)(0)28 9543 5287

Press Release with immediate effect
Compassion for Pakistan Limited

Awake & Aware

Compassion for Pakistan

Proudly Presents

Press Release to be Submitted with Immediate Effect!

Awake & Aware Continued...

The Venue:

New Life City Church Belfast

City Life Centre

143 Northumberland Street

Shankill Road

Belfast, BT13 2JF

Date & Time:     Tuesday 20th September 2016 at 7.30pm.

Date of isue:      6th September 2016

By:                 Martha Kelm (PR Assistant) to

Founder & Public Relations Ambassador

Contact:             (0044(0)28 9543 5287



Compassion for Pakistan is a relatively newly formed N. Ireland and U.K. registered charitable organisation that was established, not just to highlight the injustices and endemic persecution of minority groups in Pakistan and other nations but desires to be a grass roots provider of proven solutions.

Basically put ‘Compassion for Pakistan's aim is to “Reduce Poverty, Promote Peace in Communities and Eliminate Persecution of all types’. 

Awake and Aware Continued...  is a series of events designed to bring the truth to people regarding persecution in an informative, educational and balanced way demonstrating that in our world’s global village unfortunately minority groups generally face persecution no matter if they are from the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Bahai’s or another ethnic religious group.  Compassion for Pakistan also desires to present the benefits of peace building on the basis of the 'Good Friday Agreement' as a building block for peace in Pakistan and the region and the charity desires to promote peace and social development projects in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom at a later date.

As this particular event is being held in a registered church the Gospel will be shared in a loving and appropriate manner and prayer will be offered for divine healing and the prayer of faith to meet personal needs.  In addition praise and worship will be presented by a guest band connected to the church with volunteer vocalists from the charity.

This events key speaker is the charity's founder and public relations Ambassador 'Mr Ken Wright'.  The charity's founder is registered partially sighted and disabled.  As a person having a visual disability he attended Jordanstown Schools for the blind and deaf in Newtownabbey Belfast and later met his wife 'Christine' (who is herself registered blind) at the Royal National College for the blind in Hereford England and believes that disabled people should be promoted in church service and the workplace.

Ken comes from a strong telecommunications background and was the first in Europe to pioneer the world's first downloadable video device the Zvue Mp4 Media Player to the European retail market.  Later Ken was appointed 'Assistant Director of European Operations' for Handheld Entertainment a public listed company on the US Nasdaq.

Ken has approached many international ambassadors and foreign governments both face to face and in writing regarding persecution issues especially for those in minority groups.  He has attended a number of meetings at the European Parliament and Commission and has also been a past speaker at the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland.  Ken has appeared multiple times on satellite TV such as Revelation TV, TBN, Wonderful, Faith TV and others including Muslim religious platforms such as Sky TV99 about persecution issues and has shared the bible on a local, national and international platform using large print.

Compassion for Pakistan believes that with the appropriate strategic partnerships, culturally adapted education, poverty reduction and focused community investment into peace and capacity building that on the basis of common humanity that the desired outcome of peace in Pakistan, Northern Ireland and other nations can become a reality.



Compassion for Pakistan founder sharing at U.N. Geneva.

Compassion for Pakistan also is concerned for Pakistan asylum seekers who have felt they have had no choice but to leave their homeland of Pakistan to flee to other nations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Sri-Lanka and desires to help asylum seekers in this situation with a suitable arrangement to earn money to feed and educate their families and seeks the help of the public to do so with much needed prayer and funds. 


(Compassion for Pakistan founder speaks about his concern for Pakistan Asylum seekers in Malaysia and with thanks to 'Farrukh Saif Foundation').

In many aspects ‘Compassion for Pakistan’ views the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement as a possible building block of hope when adapted to a nations appropriate cultural and social context in a spirit of dialogue and good will.

About ‘Compassion for Pakistan’:

Although ‘Compassion for Pakistan’ has only recently obtained clearance on its official NI & UK charity status its small team with very limited resources in a voluntary capacity has done its best to highlight the persecution issues in Pakistan and other nations and to be educated on the subject from well established advisors on the ground especially in Pakistan and attending European research forums from established intelligentsia and research specialists into relevant issues such as the ‘South Asia Democratic Forum’

Their founder ‘Ken Wright’ has also highlighted the issue of poverty and persecution in Pakistan and other nations of Christians and other minority groups on various satellite TV stations such as Revelation TV, Muslim Channel TV99 and others over the years underlining the importance of a humanity based community response with a long term social and economic strategy for the good of all community participants. 

Compassion for Pakistan has also provided much needed on the ground practical help in Malaysia feeding 11 asylum families and helped the Pakistan asylum community in Malaysia bring issues of concern to the attention of the UNHCR and the European delegation and assisted hundreds of Pakistan Christians to get their asylum cards to stay in Malaysia from the UNHCR Refugee Agency.

For contact Details see below.

Link to address & Map of Church Location:

Any queries contact

Mr Ken Wright on (0044) (0) 28 9543 5287

Rev. Bill Atkins on (0044) (0) 28 3756 8874

Awake & Aware Project                                     

Compassion for Pakistan

C/0 Church of Ireland Parish Church Hall

Killylea Road


County Armagh

Northern Ireland