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For general queries for anything regarding our charity, its vision, operations or any other queries please contact the email below.


If you have any suggestions how we could do things better or of any new ideas, projects or anything you feel would help us do better please send to email below.


We all get it wrong sometimes but it is important that we all are open for correction. 

Should you have a complaint that you would like to draw to our attention please contact us in the email below.


If you have a place of worship, business or venue and you would be interested to help us host an event do not hesitate to contact in writing below.  

Or perhaps you have a specific question about an event you have seen advertised on our website, social media or somewhere else.  

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To contact our Founder & Public Relations Ambassador and public relations directly:

Public Relations Department:

Charity Founder & Public Relations Ambassador


Developing Peace Through Common Humanity:

As a Christian based organisation we believe in biblical principals such as Love, Peace and dialogue and welcome partnership and connections with individuals and organisations that have the same viewpoint or from persons or organisations that would like to know our view that consensus, dialogue and understanding between communities on the basis of common humanity and respect is the most constructive way forward.

To persons of other faiths our message is simple.  

"We may not agree with your beliefs but as a human we have a common identity and we on this basis are willing to extend out the hand of friendship."

If you have any Questions, queries or Concerns please contact:


Educating about the Importance of Human Rights:

We believe that God give us all a free choice to have our own thoughts, feelings, opinions, faith and common universal rights and that this is a freedom when used wisely should be celebrated.

In Pakistan and globally we are becoming concerned regarding the increased level of extremism and radical ideology that desires to enforce its opinions, beliefs and ideas upon another person in a forceful and dogmatic manner.

We do not agree with this ideology and hold the view that freedom of choice is crucial for a diverse and free society.  

As a Christian based organisation we believe in biblical principals and truth but we respect the fact that others do not hold our views which is a free choice and we do not desire to force our ideals upon anyone, rather to bring our message through teaching and discussion.

For queries including 'Womens Rights' please contact:


Working with Victims in Asylum:

We have our own secretariat in Malaysia who communicates on behalf of 'Compassion for Pakistan' and the Pakistan community in Malaysia especially those who are in asylum.

Our founder and Public Relations Ambassador has already been to Malaysia and has spent adequate time with members of the Pakistan community, churches and has also along with our secretariat provided humanitarian assistance to asylum families, helped asylum seekers with UNHCR issues and has developed relationships with the European Delegation and other government bodies.

To contact our Director in Malaysia please write to:

Our Projects in Pakistan:

Our Educational Projects:

At this time we are doing our best to fund and expand a school in Multan and desire to expand this across Pakistan and other nations as well as Adult Business Schooling, on the job training schemes and micro-financing opportunities.

Any queries please contact:

Our Medical Camps in Pakistan:

We are also trying to raise funds for a six month medical camp with fully qualified Doctors treating patients and prescribing medicines for the poor.

For details please contact: