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Compassion for Pakistan 

Legal Framework for Charity Volunteers & Volunteer Workers

As a voluntary organisation we rely upon our volunteers to help us with many aspects of our work.  However we are aware that there are legal guidelines that as a registered NGO in Northern Ireland and G.B. we are obliged and required to follow by law.

Volunteers make a difference in a whole range of settings and organisations from small volunteer led community groups, larger national and international charities and the NHS and other public sector organisations.

Why Does Compassion for Pakistan involve volunteers in our organisation?

We believe Involving volunteers can add great value to what our organisation does and helps to support us to achieve our Ngo's mission and strategic objectives.

Why Volunteers benefit our charity?

Involving volunteers can help Compassion for Pakistan to: Engage a more diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge. 

Reach more of our beneficiaries. Raise awareness about our cause as well as our organisation, its profile and what we do. Build relationships within the communities in which we work and contribute to supporting others in our community. 

By providing volunteering opportunities we provide opportunities for social inclusion, skills development and potential routes to employment. 

There is also evidence that volunteering can help to improve health and wellbeing for individuals Inform the development and delivery of our activities, projects or services by bringing in new opinions, ideas or approaches. 

This can help you to adapt, stay relevant to what our beneficiaries and community needs as well as identifying opportunities to improve what we do

Deliver our services or projects in a more effective and efficient way which can help to save money and resources. 

However we do understand that as an organisations we have to invest in supporting volunteering for this to work effectively.

Compassion for Pakistan Volunteer Policy & Governance:

Our commitment to our volunteers!

As a voluntary organisation we legally must be governed by the UK governments guidelines, and the guidelines of the Northern Ireland Charity Commission.   

We also in the future seek to follow the guidelines for volunteer management of a well established Northern Ireland Charity called Volunteer Now an organisation focused on promoting volunteering as a focus and purpose . 

You can see their video below.

We want to hear from you!

Should you require any further information about volunteering or would be interested in the positions advertised on this website under 'Jobs & Positions' do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone.