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Working in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Sri-Lanka!

Helping Persecuted Pakistan People in other Nations:

We desire to help many thousands of Pakistan Christian Asylum seekers in Malaysia, Thailand and Sri-Lanka.   

At the present time we have a Secretariat in Malaysia who is our person that acts as a communicator between 'Compassion for Pakistan' and the Pakistan community in Malaysia and especially in Kuala Lumpur. 

You can find his testimony on video below for your interest and you will also hear comments made by our Ngo and charity founder 'Ken Wright'.  

So Why do Thousands of Pakistan People feel they have to flee to other countries for safety?

The main problem is that many Pakistan citizens coming from Pakistan find that they are restricted to which countries they can visit without a pre-arranged visa.  

Due to passport restrictions they come to nations such as Malaysia and Thailand largely due to persecution in their home nation of Pakistan, but we obviously accept that some are coming as economic migrants.  

When they arrive they go to the UNHCR Refugee Agency seeking help but finding out that in reality the UN Refugee Agency has limited resources and can only give them an appointment card for their asylum application to be heard due to international treaty restrictions. 

Many people who claim asylum in nations like Malaysia, Thailand and Sri-Lanka can wait up to fifteen years of a wait until hopefully they get a place in a western nation or a nation that has signed up to the Refugee Convention.

So how do they survive?

The biggest problem is that even if they are given photographic asylum cards they cannot be guaranteed not to be detained by Police and still cannot legally work in either Malaysia, Thailand or Sri-Lanka.  

If they are caught working illegally they can be detained for years in prison and will loose their right to asylum.  It literally is a typical catch twenty two situation with no way out.

Action taken by 'Compassion for Pakistan'.

In December 2015 'Compassion for Pakistan' visited Malaysia and had constructive meetings with the European Delegation/Commission and communicated its concerns to the UNHCR in Malaysia as well as the Head of UNHCR Refugee Agency in Geneva.   

We understand that it will be a long process of negotiations with the UNHCR and Malaysian Government until we get some movement on these critical issues such as the right to employment, free or partially funded medical care, education for children and that asylum seekers are protected by the local laws as if they lived in the country while they are awaiting their applications to be processed.   

Until then we shall be seeking for innovative funded ideas to improve conditions for Pakistan asylum seekers and shall be sharing our concerns and ideas with the appropriate governments, the U.N. and appropriate agencies and nations.